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    All Who Wander

    Re-starting Next Garden has been on my mind since the day I stopped updating its old iteration. If I loved it so much, why did I stop? Why not keep going? I had 6 months to slosh all the reasons why around in my head. Amidst some time constraints, self doubt, feeling shackled to too narrow a topic, and generally not knowing how or why I was blogging, I finally came to a very simple solution: Get the hell out of your own way. All this thinking amounts to a big fat nothing, I realized. I wouldn’t even be giving myself the chance to tackle all those issues if I…

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    Going To The Fair

    It’s been a long time since I played dress-up-photoshoot-blog-post on a weekend. What better weekend to do it at than when the fair was in town? At the barren parking lot of a suburban mall, neon colors sprouted overnight to herald early summer. Oh, this was a few weeks ago. I’ve had everything blog related on the backburner for a while as life was happening. Nevertheless, the smell of funnel cake, and discordant beauty of a golden sun setting behind the tilt-a-whirl is still fresh on my mind. It’s not easy to compete with the vibrant colors of a fair. Bulbs of every color affixed to rides that looked questionably…