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    McDonald’s Italian Pesto Chicken Sandwich Review

    Too Busy for Fast Food?! I can’t believe Italian days are almost over! I was so busy that actually had no time to stop by a McDonald’s for their World Taste Tour burger 2: the Italian Pesto Chicken Sandwich until the tail end of their run. From July 2 – July 15, McDonald’s flew your mouth from China to Italy for a huge change of taste. After the bland disappointment that was the Szechcuan burger, I was expecting the ‘arugula’ to actually be lettuce trimmed to arugula shape, and the ‘pesto’ to be… mayo. So, how did Italy fare against China? Let’s find out! As soon as I opened the box, I…

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    Othello Tunnels

    Back in May, Collin and I took a day trip to Othello Tunnels on a soggy day for our anniversary hike. I can’t recommend visiting this place enough — history, creepiness, and walking all wrapped into one amazing excursion. These tunnels deserve not just one, but two blog posts! Honestly, I just wanted somewhere to deposit all the excessive phone photos I took of this majestic cavernous wonderland. Give me a beautiful location and something that can record light and I will poop out entirely too many photos. If anyone was wondering, these were all taken with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, except for the featured picture of me taking…

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    Midsummer By Proxy

    The longest day of the year has come and gone, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see the midnight sun in Sweden, where my heart and soul aches to to back to. Fortunately, there was apparently a Scandinavian Midsummer Festival just a 30 minute drive from me, deep in the ‘burbs just outside of Vancouver. I was excited because it would be like a mini-pilgrimage. Collin was excited because vintage Volvos were making an appearance. Amidst a balmy field, we found ourselves in an amalgamation of Scandinavian themed… things. Needle craft, rune necklaces, bags of Dala horse shaped candy… Vendor tents were divided by country: Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden.…

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    McDonald’s Chinese Szechuan Burger Review

    As someone who eats at McDonald’s more than I like to admit, I was pretty excited at the prospect of trying something that had the word Szechuan in it. All that hype over the Szechuan sauce from Rick and Morty was very curious indeed! I have no idea if the actual Rick and Morty inspired Szechuan sauce (that sold on eBay for a ridiculous price) was the one they shellacked over the pattie in this World Taste Tour burger, but I was down to try it! Are you traveling this summer? Unfortunately, I’m not going anywhere more than a day’s drive away. But let me travel vicariously around the world through…

  • Richmond Night Market 2018
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    Richmond Night Market 2018 | Part 1

    In case you haven’t noticed, summer’s here! And the best part of summer? Not the vibrancy of the sun, the lack of need for jackets and umbrellas, not the sprawling luscious greenery — although those are all very nice — it’s the food at the Richmond Nightmarket that wins my heart (and stomach.) Every year, I get a zoom pass that allows 6 entries ($25) and just go hog wild on a binge eating flavor explosion extravaganza. Every year I eat until it hurts, fail to learn my lesson, do it all over again the week after, and the one after that until my zoom pass runs out. If you…

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    Going To The Fair

    It’s been a long time since I played dress-up-photoshoot-blog-post on a weekend. What better weekend to do it at than when the fair was in town? At the barren parking lot of a suburban mall, neon colors sprouted overnight to herald early summer. Oh, this was a few weeks ago. I’ve had everything blog related on the backburner for a while as life was happening. Nevertheless, the smell of funnel cake, and discordant beauty of a golden sun setting behind the tilt-a-whirl is still fresh on my mind. It’s not easy to compete with the vibrant colors of a fair. Bulbs of every color affixed to rides that looked questionably…