Vancouver (and some times Los Angeles) weirdo wears stuff, takes pictures, makes fashion blog.


...this blog
This blog is a collaborative effort to show off some of my and/or my friends' cute/great/awesome/super neat fashion and personal styles. The aim for this blog is to dress nice, have fun, be creative, and kick ass.

...the photos
Unless otherwise noted, photos are taken by me with a complicated combination of inanimate object/medium sized mammal as tripod (one of these days I'll get a real tripod) + timer and/or remote. I edit all the photos with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Oh hello yes I'm the one writing all the nonsense complete sense making relatable af posts. I can usually be found cramming pastries into my face while getting really buzzed from potent cold brew. I live in Vancouver, Canada with a rotund ginger cat roommate. Bonus points to whoever can speak Swedish to me. Vi kan tala svenska och ├Ąta kebabpizzor!

I would LOVE to meet new people and shove their faces and clothes onto this blog! Head over to the contact page and we can talk.

...other places to find me
Holy crap I wasn't aware I had so many things until I tried to organize this list... HERE THEY ALL ARE!
❤ Photography: Photography Portfolio Instagram
❤ Blog: Instagram | Facebook Page | Bloglovin
Other social media: Twitter | LinkedIn | Pinterest
❤ Writing: Medium
❤ Shop: Etsy
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