shiny shiny jacket

It’s been a long time since I played dress-up-photoshoot-blog-post on a weekend. What better weekend to do it at than when the fair was in town? At the barren parking lot of a suburban mall, neon colors sprouted overnight to herald early summer.

Oh, this was a few weeks ago. I’ve had everything blog related on the backburner for a while as life was happening. Nevertheless, the smell of funnel cake, and discordant beauty of a golden sun setting behind the tilt-a-whirl is still fresh on my mind.

It’s not easy to compete with the vibrant colors of a fair. Bulbs of every color affixed to rides that looked questionably rickety… rainbow flags advertising cotton candy and snow cones… The ticket booth with its large metallic lettering… Everything clashed at the fair, and it was a beautiful sight.

I had just walked through the mall this parking lot fair was attached to, and my most recent purchase — that shiny iridescent jacket — was perfect for an impromptu photoshoot.

leafy shirt with gold bee

I’ve been pretty good at not impulse spending on clothing and accessories, but anything iridescent or holographic are like siren songs. I’m a firm believer in having a really shiny jacket that can instantly add awesome points to an otherwise low key outfit.

Another positive was that it was only $5.

I'm too shiny for my shirt

All things aside, these jeans actually seem quite out of character for me. Distressed? Cropped? High waisted? Past me would have had a cognitive meltdown already. But in fact, I’m quite embracing the change of heart. Style is fluid, things we like come and go — kind of like a parking lot fair.

i love my shiny jacket

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