As someone who eats at McDonald’s more than I like to admit, I was pretty excited at the prospect of trying something that had the word Szechuan in it.

All that hype over the Szechuan sauce from Rick and Morty was very curious indeed! I have no idea if the actual Rick and Morty inspired Szechuan sauce (that sold on eBay for a ridiculous price) was the one they shellacked over the pattie in this World Taste Tour burger, but I was down to try it!

Are you traveling this summer?

Unfortunately, I’m not going anywhere more than a day’s drive away. But let me travel vicariously around the world through fast food, because I don’t have the funds to travel for real this year! McDonald’s will be rolling out special country-themed burgers over June and July, starting with China (June 18 – July 1. 2018).

Let my burger journey begin!

McDonald's Szechuan burger
OH BOY OH BOY satiate my wanderlust!

First, a little of what was actually in this burger: Szechuan sauce, crispy wontons, beef pattie, tomato, lettuce, grilled onions, mayo.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but this burger definitely didn’t taste anything like what I would expect China to taste like, in fact, it didn’t really even taste like anything at all. Aside from my gripe that it didn’t even contain any pandas, it was… well, food I guess.

The mayo overwhelmed just about everything else that was stuffed in there, I’m not really sure what Szechuan sauce was supposed to taste like, but I know mayo when I taste it. A lot of it.

Overall, it tasted like any run of the mill bland fast food burger… except I was plagued with one mystery that I could not seem to understand — how in the world do you mess up grilled onions? Usually, grilled onions pack such a savory, pervasive scent that’s hard to ignore. On this burger however, I could barely tell there were onions present, despite photographic evidence. It’s been two days since I ate this burger and I still can’t fathom how the ‘onions’ tasted like absolutely nothing. It was just texture, no taste.

McDonald's Szechuan burger
A sad tendril of onion trying to escape this bland burger prison.

Now, after a few huge bites, I couldn’t figure out where the Szechuan sauce and wontons would come into play, because let’s face it, without them, we’re not in China, we’re just at a McDonald’s in plain ol’ Canada. And dammit, for $6 I was determined to travel to a different continent with my mouth.

About halfway through, they made an appearance. All at once. Clumped together. If you were expecting flavor fireworks, well be prepared to be disappointed. I detected some sort of faint ginger-y flavor, but mostly, I was still battling that sea of mayo.

The little crunch that the wontons added was nice. But I honestly can’t tell if I’m saying that merely to put a positive spin on a burger that can best be described as ‘solid matter.’

McDonald's Szechuan burger
O flavor, where art thou?

So, my first foray into world travel via fast food was disappointing, but I’m not someone who gives up easily! Next in the burger line up is Italy! You bet your butt I will be trying it.

Has anyone out there tried the Chinese Szechuan Burger from McDonald’s? I’d love to hear your take.

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