The longest day of the year has come and gone, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see the midnight sun in Sweden, where my heart and soul aches to to back to. Fortunately, there was apparently a Scandinavian Midsummer Festival just a 30 minute drive from me, deep in the ‘burbs just outside of Vancouver. I was excited because it would be like a mini-pilgrimage. Collin was excited because vintage Volvos were making an appearance.

Amidst a balmy field, we found ourselves in an amalgamation of Scandinavian themed… things. Needle craft, rune necklaces, bags of Dala horse shaped candy…

Vendor tents were divided by country: Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden. It was like walking into a strange Nordic Hogwarts as the crowd diverted into their respective houses filled their country’s swag. I’ll give you 1 guess which tent I made a beeline to.

Unfortunately, the DIY flower crown station was ironically, out of flowers. However, they were more than happy to give me some tiny Swedish flag stickers to put on my face. I was hoping for flowers on my head to match the obnoxiously bright flowers on my skirt. You really can’t have midsummer fashion without a stupid amount of flowers, but the stickers would suffice.

As it turned out, behind Finland’s tent was where the magic was — a tiny grove decorated with ample (you guessed it) flowers and (you probably didn’t guess it) trolls!

And I’m not talking about garden gnomes, there were trolls from straight out of the 90’s — definitely not the same trolls in the Swedish song about a troll mama putting her 11 troll babies to bed. Which by the way, are too many freaking babies! Has she never heard of birth controll!? But I digress, it was overall very enchanting.

Alas, Finland wasn’t done hiding all the goodies! Just around the corner from the troll garden was a Finnish sauna. It was sadly not an actual working sauna, but a charming little decorated wooden hut with fake sizzling sounds echoing inside.

I was delighted to see all the flora strewn about the place. It was cozy and lovely, and made me forget where I was — quite a nice state of mind for someone plagued with wanderlust 99.9% of the time.

It was a nice coincidence that I went for full whimsy on my outfit choice that day. Who would have ever thought of coordinating with a garden full of trolls while getting dressed in the morning? The skirt is quite obviously, the center piece — a lucky find with tags still attached at a thrift store. Maybe by some troll magic, I happened upon it.

I had a great time despite celebrating a Swedish holiday very far from Sweden. And dare I say, with my shiny gold shoes and flowers-for-days-skirt, I was obviously the best dressed troll on midsummer.

Sunglasses Mita | Long sleeve shirt Old Navy | White shirt H&M (Thrifted) Skirt Bebe (Thrifted)Shoes Payless | Purse T’was a gift from min mamma | Photos @deklyn21