Othello Tunnels

in Canada, Explore, July 13, 2018

Back in May, Collin and I took a day trip to Othello Tunnels on a soggy day for our anniversary hike. I can’t recommend visiting this place enough — history, creepiness, and walking all wrapped into one amazing excursion. These tunnels deserve not just one, but two blog posts!

Honestly, I just wanted somewhere to deposit all the excessive phone photos I took of this majestic cavernous wonderland. Give me a beautiful location and something that can record light and I will poop out entirely too many photos. If anyone was wondering, these were all taken with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, except for the featured picture of me taking pictures — photo cred goes to Collin with his Canon Rebel T6i.

Ominous warning signs are ominous.
Fun fact: these tunnels were built in 1914. Other fun things that happened in 1914: The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. I definitely just misused the word fun.

There were a series of 5 tunnels to walk through. At some point, this was supposed to be a railroad but I honestly don’t know what happened with that. I’m glad it is now not for trains, but a walking trail with spectacular views.

You want views? You got views! Views for everyone!
The wooden bridge was not rickety at all. Slightly slimey because of the rain, yes. Scary, naw.
There were ‘windows’ on the side of one tunnel for more of that scenery porn.
People taking photos of aforementioned scenery porn. Pictured: Collin braving the rain drip drops and actually using a DSLR because I stole his phone.

The Othello Tunnels are about a 2 hour drive east of Vancouver, easy to get to if you have a car or have a friend you can bribe into giving you a ride. It’s well worth the drive!

*X-Files theme plays gently *
*X-Files theme intensifies*

Places like this really stirs the imagination. It’s visually remarkable, and feels otherworldly. Are you a creative type? This place is a cornucopia of inspiration. I would make short films here. I would do fashion shoots here. I would paint, write stories, dance from one end to the other like a lunatic. It was an amazing little get away from the stiflingly ugly cityscape for a little bit.

Ass Creed: Pacific Northwest edition.
I thought this was neat.

After the walk through the tunnels, we continued on the hiking trail that ascended over the caves. The man-made structures dissolved into quaint moss covered rocks and trees. Suddenly, it became a different brand of beautiful. I couldn’t tell you which one I liked more.

Is this real life?
A weeb in the wild.
Even the friggin’ parking lot was friggin’ picturesque.

On the drive back, we stopped in Chilliwack for some ice cream at Mighty Moose Ice Cream. Because 1) we were craving some dessert from the walk, and 2) you’re a straight up monster if you don’t stop for ice cream, especially when the shop’s mascot is moose that is most definitely high as a kite.

Salted caramel and… I don’t remember what Collin got not because I was high like this moose, but I just have a bad memory about things I didn’t eat.

I hope you enjoyed my photo dump! Wherever you are in the world, I urge you to explore some cool places near you! There could be some hidden gems that you wouldn’t have fathomed. I admit that I thought Vancouver was so square that I never bothered to truly explore the surrounding areas, and only thought of flights to hop on and other continents to escape to. But when you’re saving up for that next big trip, don’t forget that there could be something awesome just a short drive away.

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