Too Busy for Fast Food?!

I can’t believe Italian days are almost over! I was so busy that actually had no time to stop by a McDonald’s for their World Taste Tour burger 2: the Italian Pesto Chicken Sandwich until the tail end of their run.

From July 2 – July 15, McDonald’s flew your mouth from China to Italy for a huge change of taste. After the bland disappointment that was the Szechcuan burger, I was expecting the ‘arugula’ to actually be lettuce trimmed to arugula shape, and the ‘pesto’ to be… mayo.

So, how did Italy fare against China? Let’s find out!

Late night trek to a McD’s just in time to get me some Italy, because pesto is besto!

As soon as I opened the box, I breathed a sigh of relief — the arugula was actually arugula, not lettuce in arugula costumes! I love arugula, I can eat the stuff by the bushels. If you put arugula on anything, chances are I will vacuum it up with my face.

I took one bite and was immediately more impressed with this than the Sczechuan burger. What was absent before was now blasting me in the mouth — F L A V O R! Specifically, pesto aioli sauce, parmesan, arugula, tomato, and a chicken patty. Don’t get too excited, the bar was set awfully low since the beginning of this world tour.

Arugula, arugula, arugula, arugula! In the jungle, the mighty jungle the patty was soggy!

Now, when I said flavor, I didn’t necessarily mean that it was good flavor. It was acceptable (saved by the arugula and cheese), but the chicken was a bit mushy, and the pesto aoioli… well I was right to be suspicious, it was indeed just very salty mayo with green specks inside that may or may not have been pesto.

Once again, McDonald’s good worldly cuisine ambitions was sabotaged by too much mayo. This pesto aioli that was probably 96% salt and 4% Silvio Berlusconi tears, was smeared on both the top and the bottom buns.

I love salt. I embody salt, I am salt! But I found that it was too overpowering.

If there were more arugula to offset the heavy handed sodium dump, it might have been saved.

Aioli is just mayonnaise!

– – Chloe, Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt. 23

Confused about what pesto aioli was actually supposed to taste like, I consulted a real life Italian who currently resides in Italy for some insight. This was what he had to say:

Canadians in general have shamed his people and should not attempt to make pesto.
This concludes my tour of Italy.

Overall, it was not a bad burger, it just wasn’t a good one either. The pesto aioli was too rich and threw the whole thing off balance. Overall, it can be described as a try-hard McChicken with a slightly fancier bun.

Next in the world tour is Australia! Will it be made of jacked kangaroos? Will it be deadly poisonous? Will it have a surprise pouch with a mini burger inside?! We will find out next!

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