Crikey, it’s time!

With expectations inflated, Collin and I went to a McDonald’s after my night shift to enjoy an Aussie beefy eggy beety burger. Did a jacked kangaroo come out of the box and punch us in the faces? Unfortunately, no, but the burgers were so freaking hot to the touch that I couldn’t even handle them to take a proper photo… Hence it was placed on top of its box right in front of a guy starting a one man band at a McDonald’s booth at 11:30pm.

Perhaps he was conducting a soundtrack to herald the grand finale burger.

It’s time for the last stop on the McDonald’s World Taste Tour! After (sort of) tasting the burger of China, (getting dehydrated after) eating the Italian burger, the grand finale burger is Australian!

This was the one burger I was waiting for since the middle of June! The one burger with a beef pattie with egg, beet chips, cheese, lettuce, and BBQ sauce! From July 16 – July 29, it is going to be the burger that rounded up the world tour with a bang.

It was blistering, like the Australia Outback, but less sandy.

After Collin and I both ate our burgers, we eerily came to the exact same conclusion: It was too sweet.

I don’t know what kind of BBQ sauce they have in Australia, but I surmised that it would be more apt to call that sauce ‘sugar gravy.’ That combined with the also sweet beet chips just turned it into a saccharine molten ball of confusion.

This was a burger with an identity crisis. The egg and cheese were savory, yet the sauce and chips were so sweet that the combination was awkward and strange.

And that patty… to quote Collin, “It tastes like nothing! Why did they even put it in there?” I have to agree — the patty felt like a sad, dull afterthought that added some weight to the whole thing, but had nothing to contribute in terms of taste. In fact, it would have been better off without it… but then it wouldn’t be a burger, would it?

All in all, I didn’t like it. And Collin sadly concluded that, “I think my body is actively rejecting it.”

Until the next world tour, mates!

And with that, our world tour of disappointment has come to an end. The perk of eating all three mediocre-at-best burgers was… well I’m not really sure what the perk was, but at least I can say I’ve tried them all for shits and giggles!

And so, I close up the humdrum World Taste Tour with a photo of the one man band — this guy definitely has more pizzazz than that tasteless patty!

McDonald’s man one hit wonder: The Blunder from Down Under as played on an overly Canadian acoustic guitar.
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