St. Mark’s Summit

in Canada, Explore, July 30, 2018
Look how beautiful and incredible my backpack is! Oh, and the view is nice too. Photo by @deklyn21
Howe Sound Crest Trail

I used to be scared of hiking — gruesome scenes of me tumbling over rocks and rolling down a mountain with an unstoppable gravitational force plagued my mind whenever anyone ever mentioned the word hike. Probably because the aforementioned scene did happen to clumsy kid me… several times. But nowadays, I have slightly more refined motor skills, and with that, a thirst to get out and go.

That old fear had stopped me from exploring the glorious trails that are ridiculously close by, which is a real damn shame because there are so many. Our most recent hike is atop Cypress Mountain, starting right next to some relics of Olympics past, and ending atop of the world with spectacular views. Despite the over-sized mosquitoes trying to steal 4 pints of my blood, or the rowdy hikers with obnoxiously loud music and gossip, the mountaintop destination was absolutely worth the sweat and tears.

It’s a 5 hour hike roundtrip with an extra hour atop what seemed like the stratosphere for lunch. We took in the bright glittering ocean view below, bawwww’d at the chipmunks scuttering about, and of course, waited for that primo view spot where selfie takers were clamoring around.

Pack some sunscreen and protein bars and get going! This wonderful weather won’t last forever.

And remember: TAKE YOUR TRASH BACK WITH YOU, DO NOT LITTER! Some douche canoes left wrappers and empty cans at the summit! It’s mind boggling how easily they could have not been complete wankstains, and just put the trash back in their bags for the trek down to properly dispose of. Don’t be a wankstain!

And now, the photos!

Olympics and/or hard mode quidditch happened here at some point.
A log jamboree.
Hello little friend!
My thighs are burning with bug bites and muscle usage. They will be the cause of a forest fire.
A small mosquito orgy pool oasis just one hill away from the top!
Top of the world lunch spot.
Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I’m about to take some really fly pictures.
Disclaimer: Collin really disapproved of me singing Linkin Park so naturally I sang it some more.
Congrats to all the brave and fit people who made it all the way up.
Bonus Game

I left my Gyrados at the foot of the hill, and like a very good boy, he defended the gym for Team Instinct for nearly a whole week! (Not that there were any challengers but still, I’m very proud of him.)

Should be re-named Hungry Noodle.

It took me a few days to recover from this hike, my butt cheek muscles were in absolute pain the day after. It was totally worth it!

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