Ohohoho what treasures doth this here market of fleas hold?
Lazy Sunday

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Sunday to do absolutely nothing. No meetings planned, no shoots to go to, no photos to edit. Wow. What is a work and walkaholic to do when there’s nothing to do?

The solution was a visit to the quaint ol’ flea market, of course.

It was quaint in my head until I walked in the door. After paying the $1.50 admission fee, I began my journey into the chaotic heart of a strange, almost vintage hoarder-esque world of bartering, useless trinkets, and interesting characters.

Of course, having just discovered how fun the Huji Cam app is at mimicking that almost vintage aesthetic, I went on a photo spree (to no one’s surprise.) Huji throws on grungy dust textures and light leaks as if you were using a disposable camera that’s been dropped several times.

Huji Cam and flea market — a match made in vintage hell.
The Weird and Wonderful World of The Vancouver Flea Market

It’s not easy to answer what exactly they have for sale at the flea market. What they don’t have might be an easier question to answer. There was absolutely everything — like a garage sale and a hoarder’s living room just vomited all over the booths. Household junk, obscure jewelry, outdated electronics, power tools, moldy old books and manuals… It was an emporium of quirky useless stuff piled densely on top of weird pointless things. Did people actually buy any of this shit? I have no idea, but I was engrossed in just how odd of a world it was.

You want thingamabobs? I got plenty.
I couldn’t tell if they’re angrily bartering or just conversing.
The pin booth lady says a guy comes by every week and buys out all her Canadian flag pins.
Got a VCR? Stop by this booth… though I suspect if you take one one, the whole thing might collapse.
Don’t tempt me with old photos! Do I need them? No! Do I want an unreasonably large pile of them? Absofuckinglutely.
A bucket of dudes.
Man with tons of vintage lenses… none of them have lens caps.
Browse Everything, Buy Nothing

While most things were straight up unappealing, some stroked my interest. However, I didn’t end up buying any camera gear, packs of socks, a power drill, or a single sticker, although I was slightly tempted.

The weird amalgamation of things were fun to look and poke at, but ultimately serve no purpose. It’s a fear of mine to accumulate stuff and things I have no room for, so I was happy just browsing through all the eclectic knick knacks. I wonder where they came from, and what these vendors do on weekdays.

Where the hell is the exit?!

Ultimately, it was a good time waster, and a strange experience. I got my $1.50 worth of amusement for sure… and I did relent on some earrings, which will appear in a fashion post later on at some point!

The Vancouver Flea Market is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am – 4:30pm.