Observe: Hipsters in the wild eating vegetarian burritos.
Budgie’s Burritos: First Impressions

I have a love/hate relationship with vegetarian joints. On one hand, I do believe vegetarianism is ethically and environmentally more sound. On the other, I’m just a thirsty ho for meaty meals. But I’m never against trying food, vegetarian or not, when the walls of the establishment are teal (my favorite color!)

Budgie’s Burritos is perfectly situated in the bowels of the hipster-laden Mount Pleasant neighborhood. Aside from its catchy decor, it also has a menu that makes me, an insatiable meat loving bottomless pit, drool.

They’ve got tofu, they’ve got tofurky, and if neither of those sound appetizing to you, then you can always choose one of the many other options on the menu. Personally, having a vegetarian mom means I love both of those things!

I don’t care how your burritos are, your aesthetics is on point! Ok I do care, but dang look at all those psychedelic colors! I’m not easily distracted, you are!
The Blair Stanley Burrito Bowl

When I’m confronted with too many choices, I glitch. I was pretty sure I ordered The Henry, but who knows, I might have ordered the Blair Stanley. The important thing is, I was careful to order the bowl option sans wrap, and definitely sans rice. What I got was a Blair Stanley bowl with the hottest sauce they had, which I was informed, was not very spicy. The spiciest sauce I was told, was at the salsa station adjacent to the cashier, which I happily piled on.

You can’t see any of the contents underneath all the salsa/spicy sauce I piled on because I am not afraid of death.

Who was Blair? I have no idea, but the burrito named after her contained extra firm tofu, some chipotle and red pepper sauce, beans, sour cream, salsa, and lettuce. When I dug in, I was disappointed to find that a) they most positively forgot hold the rice, and b) the spicy sauce was milder than hypoallergenic lotion.

Having a bowl that was 50% rice meant I only got to eat… 50% of it — the whole meal left me hungry still. As much as I appreciate vegetarian food, it was a bit bland for my taste. Especially when the alleged spicy sauce was the opposite of spicy.

The verdict? Good for vegetarians and people who aren’t enthusiastic about… flavor. In other words, my mom would love this place. As for me, I’d come back for photos.

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