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Ain’t no love as profound as my love for rainbow pastry. — Asexual musings.
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Pride is upon us! And by the time this post is scheduled, it’s sadly already over. Honestly, I wish it was Pride all year, not just because rainbows everywhere is awesome, but because we collectively need it to remind us that a) there’s more to the world than hetero-everything, and 2) non-hetero folks are still struggling in many different ways, everywhere.

True equality seems like a distant dream, but every year when Pride rolls by, I get a little bit misty eyed to see all the joy and support pouring out on the streets.

Pride is so important for everyone who’s ever been bullied, oppressed, shunned, threatened, excluded, made fun of, physically or mentally harmed because of their gender/sexuality. It’s important for some of my best friends, and it’s damn important that we learn that ‘normal’ and hetero are not synonymous. There are so so so many shades of the spectrum, we are all normal. Visibility begets knowledge, and knowledge begets understanding. So let the rainbows fly!

I meant to write about rainbow buns, but went off on a tangent. Excuse my brain.

Never have I ever seen such beautiful balls.
And Now, Buns

To celebrate pride week, a lot of bakeries rolled out vibrant colored goodies all around town. The bun I was smitten with on Instagram was the Pride sugar bun from Giovane Cafe with glimmering fine sugar on the outside, and beautifully vibrant cream filling on the inside.

Yeah, I do that thing at 3am where I flip through foodie Instagrams and wonder why everything is closed, then cry myself to sleep.

It was the kind of dessert to be shared because of its sheer size, so naturally, I brought mom along, and made her hand model so I could take photos/help me eat half of this fist sized bun.

A very good hand model.

While I was super pumped to get the purple bun (purple for asexuality!) the lady in front of me bought the last one. It didn’t dampen my good spirit, for they were all rainbow on the inside!

I tasked mom to be the one to pull it open, and as the outer pastry split apart, brightly colored cream oozed out in true Roy G. Biv order. It was beautiful, it was exciting, it was so lewd! It was like a planet bursting, and its molten innards are made of pure magic.

As for the taste, I couldn’t be more pleased. The outer dough shell was the perfect thickness — not too cumbersome, just fluffy enough. The whipped cream inside was truly where the magic was. I didn’t exactly know what to expect because… colors. The cream was light like a cloud, plentiful, and tasted like pure bliss. Despite being named sugar bun, it was not sickly sweet.

Everything was just right — it was indeed a planet in the Goldilocks zone.


Unfortunately, the rainbow sugar buns were only available for a short time, but the less flamboyant version with the same texture and taste are there year round.

Happy Pride to all! I hope one day, no one will have to be afraid to express who they are, and love who they love.

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