With this sacred circle we summon perhaps the best KBBQ on this side of the hemisphere.
Nice to Meat You

Have you ever met someone so perfect, they have you weak in the knees? Just being in their presence makes you forget words, and you find yourself with a blank and dumb expression on your face?

That’s how I feel every time I walk into Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong.

Every time I visit LA, eating at this fine KBBQ establishment is on the agenda. Yet somehow, I’ve never really taken nice photos or written about them… Probably because I am entirely too enchanted by how just how good the food is there that I am simply speechless.

So, before my mind goes all mushy again from putting together photos for this post, here are a few things to know about this place:

  • Not AYCE: A lot of all-you-can-eat places sacrifice quality for quantity, and you get the exact opposite here. Everything is flavored just right, and the meat quality is top notch.
  • No reservations: They do not take reservations, so you most likely will have to wait since this place is off the hook during prime dinner time. It’s worth it though!
  • They cook for you: The staff there will perfectly portion, cut, grill, and flip everything for you. Just sit back and watch the wizardry unfold right before your eyes.
My love for you burns like a thousand suns.
Your Own Personal BBQ Art

The one thing I really truly love, is that not eating rice doesn’t mean you won’t have anything to cushion the meat here. You get an array of materials to go crafty with your perfectly grilled protein. Seaweed sheets, thinly sliced radish, and mouth watering sauces to go on top.

So if you’ve got anything against carbs, ditch the rice and start making these little tiles of pure bliss.

And don’t forget all that yummy side egg ditch! When cooked after all the meat drippings flow into it, will provide puffy egg fluff for all your edible arts and crafts needs.

This is art.
I am an artist.
A+ Quality

I can’t emphasize enough how the quality of meat far surpasses any ol’ AYCE KBBQ joint. The slabs are dense and perfectly textured. Even at well done (and I like mine close to charcoal,) they are far from tough and chewy.

Much to everyone’s dismay, I like to keep mine on the grill until the outsides are crispy to the max. And as you bite into it, it’s still tender on the inside — I’ve never had a stringy or un-chewable experience here.

It doesn’t matter what cut of meat you get (and I’ve probably had everything on the menu by now) everything is on point.

I am so ready for this jelly.
*Vulgar throat bubbling noises.*

This is truly the KBBQ that I have dreams of every once in a while. And by once in a while I mean at least once a week. Since it’s not AYCE, I always walk away feeling full and content, not too full and sickly — which makes me want to come back again and again!

Notice how I completely forgot to take photos of the ambiance and interior of this place? Yeah, I only had meat on my mind.

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