Where to get churros in Victoria, BC
Six beautiful sets of churros are in front of me, only one can be Victoria’s next top churro.
Where to Find Churros in Victoria, 2018

Are you a proud churro fiend? If so, this post is for you! For my vacation this year, I went to beautiful Victoria. What made it even more beautiful, was the plentiful amount of delicious churros I consumed. Here is the ultimate guide to churros in Victoria, BC!

Collin and I dutifully did all the search, legwork, and eating over our week long vacation. During our last visit in 2017, we only managed to find and go to one place with churros. Imagine my happy surprise this time when we went to not just one, but six places! Churros are healthily sprawling!

Which ones were good? Which ones were bad? That was a trick question, there is no such thing as a bad churro, just a less-good churro. So which ones were great, and which ones were just good? Read our comprehensive review chock full of disgustingly beautiful churro photos!

Crispy Churro Dessert Cafe

2A – 4071 Shelbourne St.
Victoria, BC

Crispy Churros Dessert Cafe
Stupid sexy oozing churros with stupid sexy filling.

Update 8/29/2018
With a heavy heart, I have learned that Crispy Churro Dessert Cafe has permanently shuttered their doors.
I was so lucky to have had the pleasure of experiencing these churros when I had the chance.

Angel’s Notes: A place with the word ‘churro’ in its actual name had to have great churros, right? Damn right! The churros at this adorably cozy little corner served up some powerful churros.

There were several options (long, mini, filled, with ice cream,) but I ended up ordering the filled churros — 2 chocoalte and 2 vanilla because I wanted to be punched in the face with flavor. And oh boy, did they ever deliver! Not only was the filling warm and tasty, I could just feel that these churros were made with care. They were delicate and light, yet crispy and flavorful. You can tell these weren’t frozen, carelessly made huge batch churros. They were churros made with love. They were churros to be proud of. Churros with a future.

Crispy Churros Dessert Cafe
Just shove these in my face. I dare you, just do it, cram them in there just fu-

The dipping sauce of choice was cream cheese, and it complemented the churros well despite the already abundant filling. It didn’t feel too sweet to me, just added on another scrumptious bonus on top of what was already excellent.

They also have absolutely gorgeous and refreshingly yummy shaved ice if warm churros aren’t your thing on a hot summer day. Which if you ask me, is wrong of you. Churros are perfect for all seasons, how dare you!

I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone in a 50km radius of Victoria. Trust me, I eat a lot of churros and these were seriously top notch.

My only regret was that I didn’t get two orders. They were tiny flavor powerhouses, but ultimately quite small.

My final score: 4.5/5

One Piece decor
Compliments to the chef’s choice of decor.

Collin’s Notes: The first stop on our churro tour was a cute little shop that seemed to be run by a father/daughter duo. Immediately upon entering, you are welcomed by a very friendly atmosphere. The decor of choice was confusing, but stood out to me almost instantaneously. Especially the nice little display of some One-Piece characters made completely out of Lego, which I found particularly pleasing as a huge weeb.

We promptly ordered the stuffed mini-churros which came with our choice of stuffing (We chose 2 vanilla and 2 chocolate) with a sweet cream cheese dip as well as the “green snow” which is matcha shaved ice with blueberries and strawberries (which was awesome, but not the focus of this review.)

Crispy churros and matcha shaved ice
Swipe right so hard my thumbs fell off.

These churros were quite delectable, the first bites I took were sans dip, as both the vanilla and chocolate stuffing these churros were quite flavourful and creamy. As the stuffing oozed out onto my tongue I turned my attention to the crispiness of the churro itself, which was right where it should be – a nice crunchiness that eases into the soft center of flavour.

The amount of cinnamon sugar on these churros was a nice light dusting, not too overpoweringly sugary or overly cinnamon-y. Naturally I had to dip them in some sauce next, and I started with the vanilla stuffed churro in the cream cheese dip provided. The results were all right, I honestly thought the vanilla and cream cheese was a little too much richness in one bite. I went on to the chocolate churro, the bitterness of the chocolate meshed so well with the cream cheese dip, it was a mouthful of tart chocolaty goodness that will not soon be forgotten.

After we finished, we were on our way out when the owner turned to us to ask us how our desserts were. I quite emphatically let the owner know that he should open a shop in Vancouver, as I absolutely desire to visit again and again.

I would rate these churros 4.5/5, the stuffing was amazing and the whole experience left me wanting to come back.

La Taqueria

766 Fort St.
Victoria, BC

La Taqueria churros
Churro displaying aesthetic is 10/10.

Angel’s Notes: Ah, La Taqueria, how do I lay my opinions of thee out in the open? To be honest, I really want to like them. Their aesthetics are on point — color schemes are pleasing in all their locations, the decor and atmosphere is hip. You instantly feel cooler just stepping in the door. Yet… maybe that is where the pleasantries end. It’s a beautiful joint, yes, but it is also vapid because their churros left me wondering if I had indeed just eaten churros or just some feelings of disappointment.

When we got our churros, I was trying to figure out if they had a filling, or what the deal was with the odd texture in the middle that was seemingly different from the outside. In conclusion, it was because these straight as a ruler churros were thrown into the deep fryer from being frozen! The outside layer soaked up the crispiness, but the middle felt like dense dead weight.

La Taqueria Victoria
A light and airy place for churros enjoyment.

While they were cooked all the way through, the texture was just off. The word I would use is not crispy, it was more like a brittle skeleton of what once could have been an acceptable churro.

The sugar and cinnamon dusting was light, too light to give any life back to these churro shards. In the end, it felt like I had eaten some fried matter with pretty good caramel dip — ultimately a bad sign! Dip should never be a device used to mask the flavors of a churro. Or in this case, lack of flavors. Dips should complement the churro, not the other way around.

Being Instagrammable does not equal great in taste… this place and its churros might have been photogenic, but ultimately fell flat when it came to delivering tastiness.

My verdict is a solid 1/5.

La Taqueria churros
Why is the middle like that? Oh it’s because it’s dead inside.

Collin’s Notes: Our second stop on the churro tour was meant to be a little place called Chorizo & Co. However upon arrival, we found that they had closed down, which was a shame because I was looking forward to what would have been our second visit. (We went last year before the churro tour idea was really a thing.) Dejectedly, we made our way down the block in search of replacement churros, hoping to find something at one of the many other Mexican joints that litter the area.

We went across the street to La Taqueira, which we know at least has had churros in one of their other restaurants in the lower mainland. This place was very appealing to look at, with vector-cube printed flooring and teal plastered walls to the floating kitchen where you can see all the chefs do their thing. This place was a sensory treat.

Our order of churros came with 3 medium sized churros and a single standard caramel dip. I have to say, that knowing La Taqueira is a chain shop already lowered my expectations of their food due to standardized menu options. I had hopes that maybe being the Victorian iteration would have been redeeming. Sadly it did not — these churros suffered right from the get go, as they were frozen prior to cooking. This meant that when they got cooked, they took on a very hard texture, yet did not get crispy either, they were tough to chew and not very flavourful.

La Taqueria churros
All looks and no substance.

The lack of flavour was thanks to the very lightly sprinkled cinnamon sugar which was much too subtle for my liking. Its almost a miracle that at least their sauce wasn’t sub par, as dipping the churro at least gave it some flavour. I was right to be suspicious of chain store churros.

Another thing that irked me was the price. Most of the churros that we ordered during the tour were around $6 CAD, and they either provided a exemplary specimen of churros, or at the very least provided quantity.

Being that these were sub par churros, and also gave us the least quantity for the price tag, I was wholly unimpressed.

I give these guys a 2/5.


1435 Store Street
Victoria, BC

Fuego Victoria churros
Like champions carrying the Olympic torch, we keep eating.

Angel’s Notes: Oh my goodness, I have some praises to sing for sweet sweet innovative Fuego! Aside from being a quaint, charming little place (but honestly, what place in Victoria isn’t charming?!) the churros and sauce combination was a must-try.

Having had at least a metric ton of churros in my life, never had I come across such unique tasting dips. Remember what I said about dips complementing churros and not the other way around? While Fuego’s dips were certainly attention grabbers, they weren’t at any point overpowering because the churros were pretty good on their own.

Texturally, the churros were fluffier than the ones from the other two places we had already gone to — you can really see from the photos how puffy and lush these puppies were. Biting into them was like biting into a lighty crisped cushion. I’m not a fan of churros that are too breaddy, and these were just hovering between breaddy and luscious. I liked them a lot, but I wasn’t in love with them.

Fuego Victoria churros and dip
Truly beautiful. Radiant. Powerful.

Now let’s talk about the dip, because Fuego really takes the cake on this one. I’ve had fruity syrup filled churros before, but never had a dip that contained actual CHUNKS of fruit. Now, what fruit was it? It took me a while to puzzle out — the tangy yet savory taste was reminiscent of mango chutney almost, but had a bit more firmness. We decided it was a mixture of plum and pear — plum for the flavoring and pear for the texture. Topped on a churro, it created an interesting combination of mushy crunchy crispy light sugary taste. It really lightened up the fried dough and made it sparkle. I know sparkle isn’t really a food descriptor unless you regularly eat glitter, but to me, it tasted like it sparkled.

Fuego Victoria churro with chocolate dip
Close up on that thicc chocolate sauce. I apologize for how orange that table is.

The chocolate sauce was something else entirely — it was thick, you can actually scoop chunks of it out with your churro. It wasn’t lumpy, it was just a really robust dip. Collin was all about the fruit dip, but I was all about the chocolate dip. It wasn’t saccharine, it was just right, almost like a semi-sweet mole sauce.

These churro deserves a 3.75/5 rating.

Fuego Victoria
Frida is a harbinger of churros.

Collin’s Notes: Let me start by saying the third stop on our tour was a weird one tucked away in Market Square right next to our 4th stop on the tour, Cafe Mexico (more on them later. Upon a bit of research, I found out that this is a sister restaurant to Cafe Mexico after they suffered a fire in 2015; Fuego meaning fire in Spanish – quite a touching little story.

Fuego’s hours are quite peculiar, only open for the brief period of 9am-2pm, very odd for a restaurant. We ordered our churros, which came with 4 medium sized churros, a dark chocolate sauce and a pear/plum sauce. We got them to go so that we could eat them in the square.

Immediately, we were perplexed by the plum/pear sauce, so naturally I dived right into it as my first choice, and boy was I surprised. Up to this point the dips we have been provided have been for the most part the typical caramel chocolate options. Never would I have thought that a fruit based dip would be so good.

Fuego Victoria churros
It takes great strength to delicately balance fruit dip on such luscious curves.

The texture of the churro itself was above standard, though I think it could have been a wee bit crispier, I was definitely not complaining. The level of cinnamon sugar dusting on the churro was sufficient. Where this entry exceeds all barriers and boundaries is with the dips, I cannot stress how amazing the fruity dip on the crispy chewy churro felt in my mouth. The dark chocolate dip was also one of the better chocolate based dips I have had with churros.

I give these churros 4.25/5 as the dip choices alone blew my mind, even if the churros themselves were only slightly above average.

Cafe Mexico

1425 Store Street
Victoria, BC

Cafe Mexico churros
Are you ready to have your mind and mouth blown?!

Angel’s Notes: I’m not beating around the bush. I’m straight up declaring that these were my favorite ones on this churro tour. I was at first expecting them to be nearly identical to Fuego seeing how they were next door neighbors and sister restaurants, similar down to even the decor… but their churros couldn’t have been more different!

By now, you probably would have guessed that I favor texture as one of the most important traits to a good churro. Cafe Mexico’s little phallic miracles were texturally on point. They weren’t too puffy, they weren’t thick but had body, they weren’t hollow (which I usually like) but they weren’t overly dense either. Unlike La Taqueria’s soulless post-frozen crunch monster or Fuego’s almost too breaddy churros, everything was just right. Cafe Mexico’s churros fell into the Goldilocks zone so beautifully that I was immediately smitten.

I have no idea what wizardry they did to the sugar coating, but it was the kind of sugar that flaked. Most churro sugar coatings are just… plain ol’ sugar with individual granules, but this place did some witchcraft and like… fused the sugar onto the churro or something. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it was so pleasing.

Cafe Mexico Churro
Dirty boy.

I could have eaten all of these without any dip, but with churros that good, I was eager to shove some dip into my mouth as well. First up was the cajeta dip, which was wonderfully velvety and aromatic. The sugar coating on the churros were ample, which actually went perfectly with the two sauces they provided, both of which were more milky and creamy than sweet. The chocolate dip was heavenly light like a cloud, and minimal on the chocolate. It was like a spirit of chocolate, when dipped by perfectly textured churros, was like soul meeting body.

In lieu of sounding like an airy fairy nutjob spouting spiritual romanticism about churros, I’m just going to stop right now and give these a score of 5/5.

Cafe Mexico Victoria Market Square
Next time we should get churros AND booze.

Collin’s Notes: Cafe Mexico marks the fourth stop on our tour. Nestled away in Victoria’s Market Square, this place has been a long time staple in the area, I remember this place as I was growing up, but I have never actually been to eat here. That day on the churro tour would be the day I finally found out what this place is all about. They have a very large, very aesthetically pleasing bar – manned by what seemed to be a savant bartender who was very into making some drinks for the other guests in the restaurant.

Cafe Mexico churros
Dirrrrrty boy.

We ordered our churros which came with 4 medium size churros and 2 dips (caramel and chocolate mousse) to go as we wanted to enjoy the square in all its splendor. With these, I went straight to dipping — first trying the caramel dip, which I found to be quite enjoyable and slightly above standard issue caramel sauce. It was a bit runnier then typical, which made for some nice photos.

Cafe Mexico Victoria churros
This is what perfect texture looks like.

The texture of the churro was probably the best of all the churros we had in Victoria, crunchy, yet with a soft chewy inside – a very pleasant mouth feel. The amount of cinnamon sugar on these were good, not too heavy and not too light. The second dip was my favorite out of our options, it was a chocolate mousse based dip, with a very light chocolate tinge to it.

If I were to choose my favorite solely off of the churro alone, these would definitely take the prize, however I am rating based off of the whole package, dips and all. I give these a solid 4.25/5, the dips were slightly above average and the churros were definitely a cut above.


576 Yates St.
Victoria, BC

Quesada churros
An unexpected stop in our tour…

Angel’s Notes: We must have walked by this place three times and briefly poked our heads through the window browse their menu at least once… nowhere did it say churros, so we kept walking. That was, until I did some late night Googling and discovered that they indeed carried churros. So back we went!

This was a standard chain franchise joint, a place that just looked like they had watered down generic Mexican food that I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole… but I’m always down to give churros a chance.

The churros were… well they were standard issue fried dessert. Nothing fancy, super basic. But super basic that was roasted to high hell because they were quite dry and crunchy. Much crunchier than the majority of churros I’ve had, but not as bad as La Taqueira’s brittle sticks. They still had some semblance of a chewy middle. Overall, the churros were a loud resounding “Meh?” Forgettable, to be honest.

Quesada churros and caramel dip
They said it was caramel but I was pretty sure it was glue.

The dip… that was where the tragedy laid. The ‘caramel’ sauce as you can see clearly, was a weird glossy translucent goop that looked like tree sap. It was more like thickened sugar than caramel, and had no savory quality to it. And the other dip? Literally just a tiny pack of Nutella. I can eat that stuff by the spoonful, so it was an OK addition to the humdrum churros. This is a classic example of what I would call “desperation churros,” for when you’re running low on the will to live and absolutely need a churro to keep chugging along.

I don’t have much more to add because of the complete whatever-ness of the whole experience, so I give this place a 2/5, a bit generous but only because the stoned out of her mind cashier was somewhat endearing.

Quesada Victoria
Would come back for the wifi.

Collin’s Notes: Originally this was not a stop that we were going to make on the tour, as they didn’t exactly include churros on their menu. Angel somehow discovered they had churros, so away we went.

Upon entering the shop we were greeted by what was obviously a part-timer who was high off her ass on god knows what. Red flags already, and rightly so because after placing our order she meandered her way to the back to grab the yep, you guessed it! Frozen churros out of the back of the shop… with her bare hands.

She proceeded to haphazardly toss them into the air fryer and went into the back to talk to the hidden boss-man behind the door. After the air fryer was done, she decided to repeat her actions and fry them once more (whether or not this was due to how stoned she was or the fact that they weren’t actually cooked, I don’t know.)

We were served 4 medium sized churros in a brown paper bag, with 2 “dips” — one being standard run of the mill caramel sauce, and the other being a blister pack of Nutella from your average restaurant supply shop. Now onto the actual churros themselves: the texture was completely absent from the churros due to being flash frozen, tho unlike La Taqueira, these were much more soggy then hard. They were absolutely drenched in cinnamon sugar which was not pleasant in the slightest, as it made them way too sweet.

Quesada churros

The sauce was…sauce I guess, not much to be said here, the caramel was your typical store bought caramel sauce that is overly sweet, and nutella is just straight up not my jams so I didn’t even bother with that one. Its hard to really call these churros, they were more like, sticks of sugar and maybe some dough.

I give these a 1/5 because they made me question how one could screw up something so simple, I am not a cook by any means, but these make even my home-made churros look like 5 star dining. I get why you don’t include these on your menu Quesada, be ashamed.

Three Gringos

735 Goldstream Ave.
Langford, BC

3 Gringos churros
Funkadelic walls and a basket fulla churros.

Angel’s Notes: This one was a bit outside of Victoria in a little hood called Goldstream… which made me cackle because I’m mentally 12. We’re out of the city and in the ‘burbs, so any high expectations were dramatically lowered. To me, ‘burb fare is the lowest denomination of all foods. They need to be just plain enough to please seniors, soccer moms, and fussy children alike. It seemed like the kind of neighborhood where ketchup is considered spicy… They even had a hot sauce bar where I essentially dumped a bit of each sauce on the 7-layer dip I ordered in addition to churros, and it was still not spicy… But I digress.

3 Gringos Victoria hot sauce selection
None of these made me cry tears, unfortunately.

The churros at this overly colorful acid trip of a restaurant were not bad despite being a little puzzling. They were by far the most unattractive looking batch, but looks aren’t everything! A few bites into them, I couldn’t quite figure out why they tasted rough. Not in a bad sense, just unexpected as I’m used to churro dough being quite soft or spongy. These tasted like they would be the lumberjack version of churros — rugged and would win a fight with a bear.

Upon closer inspection, I concluded that these were made with whole wheat flour, or something to that effect. They were grainier than the usual, not a bad thing at all. It definitely made for a more interesting overall impression. The sugar and cinnamon coating were at a very good ratio to the crispiness of the churro themselves. These were pretty good even with no dip. In fact, I kind of enjoyed not having dip for once.

I give these churros a 3/5.

3 Gringos Victoria churros
Whole wheat churros is basically a vegetable.

Collin’s Notes: Ah, the last stop on our Victoria leg of the churro tour. Let me start by saying that this restaurant was pretty out of the way being hidden out in Langford, which to me does not seem like it really has the market for Mexican fare. I was clearly proven wrong as this place only had 1 free table. We promptly placed our order for churros, which came in 4 mini pieces and no sauce (?!?!). We also ordered a seven layer dip as we had had nothing to eat yet in the day and were about to hike up a mountain.

I was surprised when they brought us out our order without any dipping sauce, this restaurant has the cajones to serve churro without dip, this was obviously a red flag.

Upon taking my first bite I immediately knew there was something off about these churros, aside from the lack of delicious dipping sauces, the texture was crispy as it should be, but the usually soft gooey innards that I have come to know and love were replaced with a dense chewy texture, what could be the cause, I wonder.

3 Gringos Victoria churros
Ugly yet tasty.

After convening with the expert on this one (Angel of course being the expert,) we determined that they must be made with whole wheat. It wasn’t what I would call bad, just slightly unexpected. The texture did not stop me from enjoying the churros, the level of cinnamon sugar on these was a very pleasant dusting just enough to enhance the flavour of the dough.

I don’t agree with the shops insistence to not include a dip with their churros however, as I feel like they would have been so much better even with the inclusion of a standard caramel dip. Due to the lack thereof, I find myself having to give The Three Gringos a lackluster score of 2.5/5, next time serve it with dip.

This Concludes Our Tour

After a wild week, and many churros consumed, my mood went from cranky to content. We had a lot of fun even outside of churro hunting — our island adventure was magically enhanced by the plethora of churro choices! So, who was the best? Collin and I disagree on the victor! He is an ardent supporter of Crispy Churros Dessert Cafe while I champion Cafe Mexico. Next time we go back to Victoria (and I hope it’s soon,) I hope there will be more churro contenders.

Ain’t no tour in the world like a churro tour.

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