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Hello I’m a cow I believe you will be udderly pleased with my dessert offerings.

In the blink of an eye, summer is winding down. Is it me or did it go by entirely too quickly? As soon as we came back from Victoria, I started working 7 days a week again… no time to sort photos or write blog posts makes Angel grumpy! I have a billion Victoria posts in store, but no time to sort them for now. So instead, I’m going to throw some ice cream here before it gets too nippy out for frozen dessert.

Ice cream so extra, it comes with its own cloud.
Ice Cream, But With Frills

Is your ice cream basic and boring? Do you wish it came with frilly extra bits? Well, head on over to Milkcow! What those frilly extra bits consist of is entirely up to you…

This fine dairy and sugar laden establishment was garnished with a simply pleasing Ikea-esque minimalist aesthetic, which honestly is brilliant because their Instagrammable ice cream needs that simple wood grain background to pop.

I got the Mont Blanc: Chocolate rocks, apple syrup, Oreo crumbles, topped with a big ol’ fluffy cotton candy.

If that sounds like a lot of sugar, it was. It was a mess of sweet.

You can buy anything if you really tried.
Sugar Overdose

If anyone had a sweet tooth, it’s me. But even I couldn’t tell the difference between all the flavors crammed into that little cup. After digging through the thick cumulus cloud of blue cotton candy, I was greeted by ice cream drenched in syrup. Was it apple? I don’t know, I was already overloaded by saccharine sweetness that I just wanted some plain ol’ vanilla ice cream to counter it… except my plain ol’ vanilla was covered in more sugar.

By the time I made it to the bottom to the chocolate rocks, my tongue was numb from the entire experience being too sweet.

In cream we trust.

Collin on the other hand, was not fooled by the frills of having a cotton candy on top of his ice cream. He went for the classic silhouette, the Black Pearl: Hazelnut syrup, sea salt, and cocoballs. Honestly, I liked his a hell of a lot better. It wasn’t discordant, chaotic, or a mess of flavors that didn’t go together. It was a strong and classic chocolate and vanilla staple with a little bit of sea salt to make the whole thing a wee bit savory.

The Child Who Ate (2018)
Go Forth and Be Sugary

In conclusion, the novelty of having a cotton candy on my ice cream was fun, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to Milkcow. If I happen to stumble that way again, I might drop by to try some of their more basic selections. The extra ice cream was just that — too extra that I didn’t know what I was eating aside from cold sugar with a side of fluffy sugar with syrup sugar and crunchy sugar. But hey, if that’s your jams, then Milkcow is for you!

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