in Canada, Fashion, My Style, Travel, August 27, 2018

I must be getting old.

Seasons changing never used to bother me, but this year it did. Overnight, summer fizzled. Shorts that are still in the laundry hamper will no longer be worn after they are washed. The bottle SPF 50 that I’ve been lugging around is suddenly defunct. These photos are only 2 weeks old, and they already seem like something that happened in another lifetime.

It’s cold now. It’s sweater weather now. I look at those carefree t-shirt and shorts days like they were a rosy memory from decades ago, and can’t remember what it feels like to be too hot to wear a jacket.

It all sounds a little bit sad. Well, it should be! I am not ready to trade in my sunscreen for umbrellas, and sneakers with broken soles for rain boots. I’m nostalgic for a time that’s barely just passed, and I’m nostalgic for Victoria already. I haven’t had time between work and weekend work to even sit down and digest my summer getaway.

And summer already slipped away.

So maybe it’s quite apt that in these pictures I’m wearing an Expo 86 shirt — brand new vintage. This shirt is 32 years old, but still had its original 80’s tags attached when I found it at a thrift store. This shirt is older than most of my friends, made to commemorate a time that barely anyone I know can remember.

Because they didn’t even exist back then.

It’s strange, thinking of a time that definitely happened, but feeling so far removed from it.

This summer feels like a 1986 — a faded photo, a brand new old t-shirt, a far but close memory.

So this post ended up sounding quite lament-y. That was exactly my intention. It’s a dirge for summer 2018: You came and went so quickly I felt like I hardly knew you. I was busy but I had a great time with you. We have so many photos together that I have yet to sort and post, but I will to honor your memory. When the days are short and the clouds are thick, I will look back at these photos of us and remember that at one point in time, I really loved you.

Sunglasses Bought off some dude on Venice Beach | Shirt Thrifted | Shorts H&M | Belt H&M | Shoes Ardene | Photos @deklyn21