Tofino, My Love

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Foggy Long Beach by Tofino
Strolling along the edge of a dream.
Beaches Suck

Long Beach. No, not the one in California, the one off the coast of Vancouver Island, facing the open ocean. Before I wandered along this beach, I was not a beach person. I don’t like salty water, I don’t like getting sunburns, I don’t like people, I don’t like beaches.

Last time I went to a beach was in beautiful Malibu, California where I promptly had a panic attack. It was lively and vast, clear and loud. I hated it.

I don’t like beaches, and at this point in life, that has been a solidified fact.

Until I went to Tofino.

Tilted trees of Long Beach, Tofino
Being upright is too mainstream.
A Beach for Dreamers

It felt like a lucid dream, walking along in hot sand, yet feeling the thick mist cooling my face. It was a cognitive dissonant walk because I hated beaches, but I loved where I was.

In this dream, the trees grew sideways and the horizon didn’t exist. I couldn’t see where sky meets land meets water, and I didn’t care to, because it was perfect just the way it was.

It was bright to not wear sunglasses, but too dark with them on. I couldn’t trust my eyes because silhouettes waxed and waned in the fog that I felt like I could just reach out and touch.

And it would feel soft, like vaporized velvet.

Foggy Long Beach, Tofino.
I don’t know what’s happening here but I’m pretty sure it’s magic in training.
Introspection Inspiration

Sometimes a place gets under your skin. The look and feel of it dives through your 5 senses and embeds itself deep in your brain. I was inspired to feel the present. If that sounds absolutely ridiculous, well it probably is to a lot of people. But I am also someone who is woefully oblivious to my immediate surroundings.

I live in the future and the past, in a strange realm of ideals. But this place pulled me into the present, because for once, the present was more mystical than anything I have experienced in real life.

It was like someone cut open my brain and bled out the images in my head. It felt freeing.

Blurred horizon.
Beach ombre.
Your Happy Place

I never thought I would find a happy place on this continent, but I did. I couldn’t tell you how far I walked up and down this beach, but every step was worth it.

If I were a writer, this place would have inspired me to write a 800 page novel that was a cross between science fiction and magical realism.

But as I’m merely a photographer, I leave you with a few more snapshots of my happy place on this side of the world.

Walking in the mist.
Resisting the urge to sing Once Upon A Dream as I edit this post.
Beach wood.
It looks like something Alice played croquet with.
Foggy beach.
This is what I imagine the Milky Way would look like.
Misty parking lot.
Even the parking lot looks like a friggin garden of dreams.

I hope to go there again, but the season to bask has passed. Maybe next year I can go back and stay longer, and be present and inspired all over again.

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