Tofino, Min Kärlek

in Canada, Fashion, My Style, Travel, September 4, 2018

Last week’s post had some photos I took of Tofino. This week we do a little turn around. While I was shooting the breeze, Collin was shooting me. One does not go to Tofino without wearing something that would match the maximum dream zone that was the surroundings. Something where you can’t tell what decade I just walked out of.

So of course, to prepare for our day trip, I threw on an ensemble that consisted of entirely thrifted items. My inspiration came from an amalgamation of sources — period films, dreams, and a girl in the wildfire smoke a year ago.

Last year, when what seemed like the entire province was on fire, I took a walk despite the thick air wafting about. I could barely see more than a few meters in front of me; the sky was orange and the air was beige grey. I walked past a store that sold amethysts.

While wondering how such a shop can stay open in a city where rent was sky high, I noticed that just across the shop window on the sidewalk, sat a girl with a sketch book. She wore a light sun hat and a long pink dress, she looked like something out of a dream. Or a movie, the kind that was set sometime between the 20’s and 40’s and contained some kind of painful illicit romance.

I only saw her briefly and did not want to disturb her, because whatever she was doing outside, in the drab smokey city, hunched over and drawing, was a pristine candid moment.

I quickly took a photo of her on my phone so I could remember that exact aesthetic, and moved on without speaking to her. Since then, I started looking for dresses that would evoke the same kind of feeling — that bittersweet dream of a beautiful past that never even happened to me.

A year later, I found this dress. It wasn’t the same color, but it draped in a way that was pleasing. It flowed with every step I took, and most importantly, it felt like another era.

It was something like a rescue, for it was missing a handful of buttons that I meticulously replaced with completely different buttons that took an agonizingly long time to do. I was more than happy with the result. I feel like I achieved the aesthetic level of my muse, and had a dreamy shoot on the beaches of Tofino to bring my foggy memories to life. Of course, there was nowhere else in the world more apt to photograph a dream than Tofino.

She will never even know that she had inspired me so.

This is her:

Everything I’m wearing Thrifted | Photos @deklyn21