My favorite flowers — fake ones that won’t disappoint you like your children inevitably will

Forgive me, summer, for I have sinned. I have been a bad blogger and sat on my second round of Richmond Night Market pictures for so long that you are now dead.


So if my tone sounds a bit abysmal, it’s because I absolutely loathe having to wear pants while being mindful to wear shoes that won’t leak now.

I browsed through my Dropbox to make some room and realized that I never posted my Night Market round 2 photos. Last time my beloved Night Market made an appearance, it was barely summer, and now, we wrap the glory of carefree no-pants-days up with a nice rosy Night Market tribute.

Of course, like any civilized society, we kick things off with something deep fried. Deep fried fish! Look at the face of the man in the back. He knows what’s up.
And we continue eating deep fried things like arteries aren’t even a thing. Basil fried chicken!
I’m starting to sense a theme here… Deep fried things on a stick. This time, it’s squid!
What is this? Not fried? Yes but it’s bunny approved tender af cooked to perfection pork belly bao. Actually one of my favorite things there this year.
Takoyaki makes the world go round!
I sat there for 5 minutes trying to remember what this was, but I’ve come to the conclusion that if it’s fried and on a stick, it fits the theme of this post, and was probably very yummy.
Ok these guys deserve a shout out not just because I actually remember their booth name, but their food was fantastic! The Phamily Table folks smoke pork belly right in front of your eyes!
Did I mention it’s also fried? It’s like opening a box full of dreams.
OK pham, it’s time for some sweets! Meghan has picked up a super mango smoothie slushie!
Mango bowl with coconut milk, grass jelly, and mochi. It’s like a dessert soup for fully grown nutrition and health conscious adults to counter all that fried food because there’s fruit in there and fruit is good for you.
I don’t know, were you thinking maybe I skipped churros this time? Well you’d be wrong my friend. Not only did I get churros, I got Oreo covered churros served on a mushroom.
Summer Night Market Crew 2018 (Meghan, me, Collin) signing off. Til next year, munchers!

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