4 Day Soup Challenge

in Cooking, Food, October 1, 2018

What’soup, Mate?

I have a friend I call Doggo who likes to randomly challenge me to cook things. I don’t know whether he wants someone to cook along with, or he finds comedic value in my massive kitchen blunders. Either way, I more often than not accept because competition is sometimes the only reason I get food things done.

Not that it’s ever competition in the real sense because we can never eat each other’s horrible creations as he lives in Manchester, England. But it’s always interesting to see the differences in things we come up with.

The newest iteration of our cook-along is a 4 day soup challenge. 1 new soup a day, and 1 specific ingredient must be incorporated into the soup du jour.

So, what in the world did we make? What’s good? What’s bad? Surprisingly, it wasn’t all bad!

Day 1: Sausage

We kicked off the soup challenge with some gusto, as in we both went grocery shopping and ended up with mountains of ingredients.

Doggo’s Sausage Soup
He chose to go with an actual recipe, and got so many ingredients that I almost conceded right away because my budget was more meager. However, I do love seeing the things he forages from English grocery stores because… it’s all so English (cute little Union flag on that bag of spinach, awwww!)

I intermittently received random messages pertaining to soup adventures. Quotable quotes include:

  • “How much is a tablespoon? I have so many spoons.”
  • “I have never cooked with sage. I thought Hannibal was the only one eating sage.”
  • “Doesn’t really look tasty so far.”

But after about an hour, the chef was done. I got a photo of a beautiful bowl of soup that I could only imagine tasted quite decent. What was the verdict?

“Tastes very nice but sausage was too big.”

Lesson learned. Dice the sausage next time, Doggo.

This is a rich man’s soup.
Chopped by someone who is actually capable of handling knives.
A very nice palette of colors.

Angel’s Sausage Soup
Wihle doggo went all out with his western styled soup, I went to a Chinese grocery store to get my sausages and miscellaneous other ingredients. I had no solid plan on how to execute this soup, I just knew that Chinese sausages went well with enoki mushrooms. And the rest… well let’s just say I was lucky I found some dumplings in my freezer that I could toss in there or it would just be a bowl of sausage water.

My soup was over all… not too shabby actually. It was savory, had a good amount of filling ingredients, and lasted me over two meals.

One drawback I realized, a few hours later, was that this abomination soup has made me a gas giant on par with Jupiter.

“Is there something that doesn’t make you farty?” Doggo asked.


I don’t even know what I was thinking.
I threw all my remaining dumplings in here because why not?
It tastes better than it looks.

Day 2: Apple

For day 2, I threw in a curveball. But honestly, sometimes fruit can go very well with savory. This time, however, I might have been wrong on this.

Doggo’s Apple Soup
“I have come up with an apple soup. Sweet potato, mushrooms, apple, and onion.” How quickly we went from a cornucopia of ingredients to 4. Even with dwindled ingredients, at least the apple was in there. He had aptly named his soup “Stuff You Find In The Forest During Autumn That Can Boil.”

He was also going off script and freestyling without a recipe for this one, it proved to be quite… disappointing.

After a while of silence I get a message: “I think I put some gin in it.”

It couldn’t have been that bad.

But it probably was, because he followed up with, “I got all ingredients for free, in the rubbish bin.”

Of course, he was kidding, but not really? As to be seen in the next photo that he sent me, the horror unfolded.

He. Put. The. Apple. Core. In.

What started as some sort of vegetarian soup turned out to be soup for trash pandas.

“The apple tasted ass. Sour sweet with beef flavor. Too much broth, and apple was really disgusting in my soup. Sweet potato was the only good thing.”

A little bit of a pause later, he said, “I rename mine to Hobo’s Delight.”

With that, he left to watch Kitchen Nightmares to feel better about himself.

How the mighty have fallen.
A soup for bunnies.
Why would you do this

Angel’s Apple Soup
I had the brilliant idea to make apple with curry, thinking I’d get a nice creamy soup. But if there’s one thing I need in the kitchen, it’s for someone to reel me in when I want to add more things. The curry soup would have been a soup if I hadn’t added the quinoa… which promptly soaked up all the water and turned my soup into a thick stew.

“You kept peel?” Doggo asked as if it was blasphemy. Funny, I recall someone boiling the core… Peel should be the least of his worries.

I have to say, the taste was great. The apple was slightly tart and added pretty good texture. Needless to say, there was no core in my soup, and that, I call a triumph.

The secret is coconut.
I tried chopping but I got bored.

So there you have it, the first 2 days of our 4 day soup challenge. I’ll admit myself as a piss-poor cook, but I managed to make at least one so far that wasn’t a nightmare. That’s 50%. That’s pretty good! I’m glass half full and ready for the next two soups, stay tuned!