I ❤ NY

in Life, Travel, USA, October 29, 2018

Central Park NYC

Manhattan In The Fall

Hi friends, it’s been a while. Last time I was here was before my NYC trip, and can I just say, I am a changed woman. I love New York so much it’s disgusting. I love the vertical density, I love the grimey trash covered streets, I love how everyone jaywalks, I love the hot dog stands, the steam wafting from underground, the banshee squeaks of the subway trains, the neon lights at 3am, the mist that is neither rain nor fog.

NYC Hot dog stand

I’m romanticizing it. I haven’t had time to process everything yet (thoughts and film.) As soon as I was back, the daily grind started again. After just a week, New York seemed like a distant memory buried beneath the debris of how behind I seem to be in life. Maybe one day, I’ll get out of here and live an Art Deco American dream in a 350 square foot apartment somewhere in Manhattan.

NYC Financial District

So, the motivation for this rainy Monday, very much far away from New York, is that I want to get out of this sterile city and join the 1.665 million souls living in Manhattan one day. The destination is clear, but the path there isn’t. How many times have I moved countries already? One more time won’t hurt. I was aiming for Stockholm, but New York is a beautiful, actually feasible halfway point. A girl can dream.