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Guo Pei at Vancouver Art Gallery

Rainy Day Vancouver Activity

Rumor has it there hasn’t been many, if at all any fashion exhibitions at the Vancouver Art Gallery until the most recent exhibition. If you haven’t heard of Guo Pei, you should pay attention. This woman’s work is exquisite, regal, painstakingly detailed, beautiful. Even though she employs all kinds of textures, colors, and silhouettes, her stunning work is instantaneously recognizable. Her designs meander from extravagant to too extra to elegant to crazy, and from now until January 20, 2019, you can see them displayed on impossibly long legged mannequins at the heart of downtown.

Guo Pei at Vancouver Art Gallery
RhiRhi’s famous omelet dress.

Threads Fit for Queens and Magical Girls

My autumn 2018 had been filled with high fashion. From the Heavenly Bodies exhibition at the Met in NYC back to a small town art gallery, it’s been an incredible ride that seemed to be inextricably linked. The NYC experience had a mixture of world class designers, with a cohesive theme of fashion inspired by Catholic iconography, which I thought Guo Pei’s pieces would have easily fit into. Some of her gold and silver bejeweled gowns were brazenly studded with crosses and jewels densely puzzled together like Byzantine mosaics. Crosses as crowns atop a headdress, and rosaries hidden in the ruffles of skirts. The inclusion of a piece Guo Pei at the Met would have been not just appropriate, but it would have added a lot to the collective experience.

And ironically, while at the Met, Pauline and I overheard, “Did Rihanna wear this?” The answer was no. But here at the Guo Pei show, the answer is a resounding and ironic HELL YES,  AT THE MET GALA IN 2015, AND SHE LOOKED INCREDIBLE.

Guo Pei at Vancouver Art Gallery
There is no such thing as too much ruffle.

If you’re a fashion lover, this is the show to go to. It will tickle all of your sense as Guo Pei does not hold back on the ornate embellishment. There are so many layers upon layers of textile magic, shapes that you would not think fabric could be molded into in your wildest dreams, and of course, the shiny shiny goodness.

If you’re not a fashion lover, maybe this show will change you.

Guo Pei at Vancouver Art Gallery
Bow to your QUEEN!

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