The Life You Live

in Life, December 3, 2018
Bubble tea with attitude at Exposure Social House.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose a lot. Lately I feel like I’ve been losing a lot, but it’s definitely a result of previous me not doing the work I should have been doing.

It’s been a tough month and a half, and the uphills battle will be tougher and drag on for a few more months yet. It’s sapping my creative juices and my will to blog, and increasing my time spent moping by myself with anxiety creeping up.

So, the vague af because I don’t want the internet to know too much about my personal problems in adult life currently mainly consists of:

  1. Not enough time for self care.
  2. Not enough money for leisure.
  3. Problems dealing with difficult people.

These are pretty common problems if you are a human person living a very normal life.  I don’t know how everyone else copes with stress in their lives, but I find myself even more anxious when I have nothing to do.

So the genius way of applying a salve to both 1 and 2 is thrift flipping. That way, I get my retail therapy in, and flipping things on eBay gets me a bit of pocket change for things like brunch and bubble tea with the fam.

The process? Hit up your local Salvation Army, Value Village, Goodwill, and pick out some cheap things in good condition. Bonus points for tags still attached. It’s kind of a fun hunting game for me, and something that takes a bit of practice. Sift through racks and find things with a high resell value (hint: avoid fast fashion brands.) Thanks to a thing called technology, cross reference with eBay prices on the spot. Mind the shipping charges and other fees, and keep records (I recommend Airtable.)

That email that pops up when I’ve sold an item for more than twice what I paid for gives me a bit of joy in these dark times.

As for 3, that unfortunately isn’t all up to me. I’d like to think I’m pretty easy going with people, but sometimes it doesn’t matter what I do, they react in a hostile way. There’s nothing to do but ride out the storm, sip on that bubble tea, and bitch about it with people who have your back.

It’s absolutely vital you take care of the relationships with people on your team, they’re absolutely invaluable for mental support. They can’t solve your problems, but just having shoulders to sob on means the world.

I’ve been depressed, I’ve been anxious, I’m lucky that the job I hate provides coverage for up to $1000 of massage therapy. I can get through this because I’m determined to.

Life is hard. You just gotta punch back harder, flip it the bird, and drive off into the sunset with your bags of thrift haul.