Jam bam thank you ma’am.

There’s a mystical place called Jam Cafe that exudes mystery. Sometimes when I visit Jaymee at her work, I have to shuffle through a dense line of people waiting in line to get into this magical mystery brunch establishment that is right next door.

Being somewhat impatient when it comes to food, and also having no time to spare in life in general, I haven’t even attempted to stand in the impressive line in Vancouver. I always wondered if it was just hype or if the food was just that good.

Last weekend, Alex hailing from Arizona came up to visit, in the winter time too like why do that to yourself?! I’m not complaining, I love having friends visit! We took the 90 minute ferry ride over to Victoria early at the butt crack of dawn, and discovered that there was also a Jam Cafe there! The line was about 1/20th of the size to what I was used to seeing in Vancouver, so we hurried up and waited.

I guess one leg raised means they’re excited for brunch.

A breezy 10 minutes later, we were in. I was ecstatic. What wonders does this restaurant hold? Up until this point, I’ve only stared longingly from the windows outside.

We were sat at the bar and promptly served some much needed coffee. Everything on the menu sounded exceptional — I wasn’t sure if it was because I’ve been awake for almost 5 hours already and not eaten a single thing, or the hype was getting to my head. It didn’t matter. We were in! It was like finally being invited to a party where all the popular kids hung out. It was nice just to be seated inside this ridiculously knick-knack mounted on every square inch of the walls restaurant where pancakes looked like the size of a pillow, and the girl sitting next to us was eating a parfait in a giant goblet.

We sit among the gods.

When our food came, I decided it was indeed, not just hype. My buffalo chicken eggs benny with bleu cheese was an experience. This was definitely not a combination of things I expected for breakfast, but they were all things I enjoyed. Together, they were exceptional.

Lately, I’ve been very taken with eggs benny, and it’s been a go to every time I go out for brunch and starting to become somewhat of a problem. But I digress… these velvety eggs atop perfectly seasoned crispy chicken, doused in Hollandaise and sprinkled with bleu cheese crumbles was quite frankly, the best eggs benny I’ve ever had.

I wonder if Alex knew how exclusive it felt for me to be eating here. I was filled with glee, eating delicious food with my favorite people (even though my resting bitch face may not have revealed that fact,) I was happy.

I would build a shrine for thee.

Collin ordered something triple the heartiness — pulled pork pancakes. I’m a big fan of savory and sweet mixed together into one unholy baby, and his stack was meaty, fluffy, beautiful.

We did a spliteroo and traded half for half. He said he liked the benny better, and I had to agree. But it didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the everloving hell out of those pancakes. I showered it in syrup, swished it around the ginormous plate, and went to town.

Where have you been all my life?!

Alex had her own veggie sandwich that we didn’t try to steal a bite of because I was way too full before I even finished the pancakes. But judging from the fact that she made some sort of quiet “Mmm,” sound, I assumed her meal was satisfactory at the very least.

I’m a bad friend, I didn’t even ask.

I was entranced by the volume, texture, and taste of what was in front of me, along with 5 coffee refills.

Jam Cafe was delicious, but it was extra delicious because Alex flew up from Phoenix, trekked all the way to beautiful Victoria where the vibe is enchanting by itself, and we got to enjoy a meal inside a cozy cabin like magical mystery brunch establishment of fairy tales.

Did she like Victoria? Hell yes, a lot more than Vancouver. I share the same sentiment.

Maybe one of these days I’ll go stand in that line closer to where I actually live.

But honestly, I rather be in Victoria.