Analysis Paralysis

It’s in my head, but it’s also real.

I don’t now how many other people experience this, because we all go about our lives differently, and think about things differently. But the biggest thing that hampers me is how I can’t get out of my never ending loop of thoughts sometimes.

I get the tingle to want to do something creative/fun/productive, but it’s never as simple as that. As soon as an idea starts to form in my head, I immediately go into mental plotting mode, brain firing exhaustively at all the possible steps to take to put something in motion, all the contingency plans if any steps should fail, and contingency plans for contingency plans.

It’s automatic, and it’s tiring, and I can’t shut it down. Ultimately, it makes me so fatigued that I don’t end up starting anything at all.

I have trouble implement action because I tire myself out before any idea ever reaches maturation.

And so, this is where I’m at, with time on my hands, the very kind of time I wish I had when I was working entirely too much. How does someone just do something? The idea is wild to me.

I think this also explains why I never seem to stick out this blog and update regularly. I think about it too much. As much as I want to fill it to the brim with cool projects, I lag.

2020 is 3 days away. Here’s a little thing I’m going to try to do for the coming year: Less think, more do!

Here are some projects I do want to document and share:

  • Coloring videos / finished photos of coloring pages
  • Sewing a costume
  • Shooting a 1 minute short film
  • Compile a pet portrait portfolio
  • Organize old travel photos and shove them into a portfolio
  • Start a new channel about food
  • Document calligraphy progress

Let’s see if any of this pans out.

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