It’s been a long time coming — I needed shoes. As an avid walker, I wear shoes out incredibly quickly, down to where I can feel every single pebble on the ground I stomp on because I grind the soles down to paper thinness before replacing them.

Well, call this a belated birthday present or a pandemic greetings gift, but my best friend Pauline ordered this pair of candy apple fuchsia Fila kicks after having to hear me gripe about how I couldn’t find a pair of shoes now that all the stores were closed.

I was big on trying things on before committing, but that is just the thing of another lifetime. Pauline has requested a photo shoot, and I’m delivering.

Now, I wasn’t sure how to pair sneakers with anything I owned, so naturally, I didn’t wear anything I owned (except for the knee socks,) but rather consulted someone with a streetwear ample arsenal, and made him do all the photographing.

By the way, I’m excited to see how long it’ll take me to work through these thick bouncy soles. It felt incredibly odd to be walking on support and shock absorption, it was wonderful! And look how brightly they shine. I’m in love.

Styled and photographed by: Collin

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