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New Season

The Richmond Nightmarket is open for business. And business it shall get. Like a dutiful slobbering food obsessed nerd, I was there with my stomach empty and wallet wide open. Unfortunately, even though the night coincided with the series finale of Game of Thrones, the place was still packed to high heaven. In fact, more crowded than I ever remembered it being. The lanes between stalls were thick with humans moving at a snail’s pace.

Because of this, me and my nightmarket posse didn’t eat as much as we did in the previous years, but we got the essentials.

I’ve seen this hentai.

Actually, I did find out that I actually prefer to eat in smaller doses — less of that 9 months preggos with a food baby feeling, and more time to enjoy the portions we did get.

Pork belly get in my belly!

Also, we were half eating, half trying to chase the golden hour for a not so impromptu impromptu photoshoot that involved dodging children and quick posing between 50 people trying to walk by. Photos of Meghan (the pork belly hand model) to come in a later post.

Lewd oozing churros, the way to my heart.

So our first nightmarket of the season yielded some good eats, new socks, and ambition to go back for more goodies. A lot of people throw shade at the nightmarket for being expensive. While yes, they do gauge you in pricing, but the activity of wading through an amalgamation of delicious smells, looking at bedazzling shiny useless products, and eating with friends makes it an experience worth paying for.

Sprankle me good.

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