On Minimalism II

Last year, I did some lighting for a photographer I had a serious style crush on. She is the opposite of me, her aesthetic is noticeably cohesive: muted, neat, serene, quiet. Whereas my aesthetic is all over the place: rich in color, varies in energy levels, chaotic.

I know it’s a thing for people to say you should stay true to yourself, but what if you can actively change yourself to something you like better? I want to, not to say that I want to mimic her, but I do like that anyone looking at her work can instantly tell it’s from her. I don’t feel like I have that signature. I’m mutable, I work within other people’s resources and visions instead of carving out my own. She’s a creator, I’m an observer.

That’s the difference. And I’m not sure where to start. I imagine quite like how I started in film — you do it until it’s a thing that comes to you.

Yesterday, we braved the pandemic to do a very socially distanced shoot. The theme once again, is some degree of minimalist interior design. I set up the lights and stepped out for her to do her thing. It’s always interesting to watch another photographer work. She’s fast, not fussy, she sees things and hones in on details she knows she wants. There’s an elegant efficiency in how she works, and it’s quite inspiring.

Now what would be interesting, is if we shot the same subject. How will it all look then? Will I somehow create chaos from minimalism?

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