Pure Morning

There are hardly ever days when I wake up and think to myself, Oh happiness and joy to this wonderful world! Today I woke up to gorgeous orange gold light peeping through my window, illuminating the hard geometric patterns of the building being birthed next door, pooling my apartment in a quiet dream like, romantic state.

And I still didn’t think to myself, Oh happiness and joy and wonders of the universe! Instead, if I hadn’t sneezed myself awake, I would have gone back to sleep immediately, ruing the 8am awakening on a day I didn’t have to work.

But alas, being a sucker for light, I rolled off the couch and grabbed the camera that was closest to me — my Canon Rebel XTi, circa 2007 and still kicking.

This is the kind of light that inspires me to wax poetic. Some days it’s pretty cool to wake up early.

Taken with: Canon Rebel XTi, 50mm f1.8 lens.

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